Counselling therapy room Ruislip

About Counselling & Psychotherapy

Therapy is not a punishment, a failure or weakness, nor is it about being judged or being forced to say/do things you do not wish to. Whilst therapy is a step to take, it should be a welcoming, friendly space where you can go at your own pace.

You may be looking for something focussed and goal-oriented, or exploratory and focused on your past experiences, or both, Whatever you are seeking therapy for, it is important to choose the right person who will be respectful, transparent, honest and professional. My training was in the field of Counselling Psychology, which has a humanistic value base at its core and does not assume a superiority of one way of thinking, feeling or knowing. This means that I am able to be flexible and adaptable, and I do not wish to put you in a box.

Ultimately, the sessions aim to encourage your self-esteem, autonomy and choices, making your experiences less restricted by feelings; empowering you to think openly about what is happening and to work out how to move forward.